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Monday, April 6, 2020

Walking Together

After losing his beloved wife years ago, Zahir has devoted his life to only his little daughter and his job. Zahir's brother and his sister in law passes away and Zahir decides to take care of their little daughter Zeynep.
Zahir sets up a rescue team himself. When he recruited his crew he did not know that he had chosen people who have ebb and flows in their life but are bold enough in their job.
Rescue team are made up of these members; Fatih who is Zahir's son in law and deserves to be called fireball of the team, Esat who devotes his life to the security of the people after his wife and kid had been murdered by a mob, Selma who tries to endure the hardship of the life with her little daughter after the break-up from a problematic marriage, Yasemin, a very successful doctor, whose daughter has been abducted, gifted Yusuf and Murat whose life is full of regrets.

How much they resemble in their personal life is how much they differ from each other in terms of talents they possess. Their talents give them the key role along the team to help sort out problems easily

Program Info

Sunday to Thursday
8:00 pm